Overclock i3 3220

Hello, how can I overclock i3 3220 ? is there any way to do that ?
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  1. You can only overclock it by adjusting the base clock (BCLK) of your system. That doesn't scale much because it will overclock your other components too.
  2. okey.. so it´s possible then? not much, but possible... I will be glad if I can push it up to 3,5 GHz
  3. I'm sorry to say, but you should be happy just to get it to 3.4 GHz.
  4. I wouldn't mess with the BLK anyways.
    if you want to overclock then sell it and get a K series chip.
    making your unit possibly unstable for less than a 5% performance increase is not wise..
  5. you´re right ... Im not going to do that.... better leave it like that and later buy something better :) tnx
  6. disable 'speed spectrum' option in the BIOS.
    there your BLK will stay @ 100 instead of fluctuating.
    you can do that now with your i3.

    and when you get the K series chip come on back and we'll clock her up... :)
  7. Try getting a i5 K version heard that oc's well
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