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MoBo needs two 8pin connects PSU has only 1 lead

Good Morning,
I have a new MoBo that needs two 8 pin CPU power cables, the modular PSU (1000w) that our vendor supplied only came with 1 8 pin cable. If I were to acquire another 8 pin cable would it be alright to plug the PSU end into one of the empty PCIe slots on the PSU?

Also the case has an intrusion alarm system. Do I have to wire this? I'd prefer not to, the lead will be a tricky run.

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    You're referring to 8-pin EPS plugs right? (Check the keys for pin here to confirm) There's hardly any server motherboards needing two except extreme enthusiast boards e.g. eVGA W555 or the upcoming MSI XPower X58 Big Bang.

    Plugging into PCIe on a modular PSU will not work. 8-pin PCIe has three 12V+ and 5 ground wires instead. Also the keys on pin are different.

    Your best choice is to use a 2x molex->EPS adaptor to gain the 2nd 8-pin EPS plug.
  2. Thanks for the replies.
    2 * 8 pin CPU power are needed. The manual is very specific. Its a supermicro x8dai

    The 2 molex to 8pin is the way I'm looking at going.

    I dont know if I'm enthusiastic or not :) but this machine is going to be a workhorse, processing several terrabytes of satellite imagery a day. It has almost as much ram as my home machine has storage.
  3. get an 8 pin split cable
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