Advice on upgrade GT 240 512mb DDR5 vs GT 240 1GB DDR3

I currently have an xps 8000 with stock 350w psu, 8b ddr3, core i7 860 with a GT 220 which is causing black out and other problems. Some on the Dell forums say to return the computer. Others say just upgrade the gpu as that is the only problem with an otherwose good system. I want to get the best card I can without upgrading the psu. I saw the gt 240 512 with ddr5 and the gt 240 1gb both for $99.99. Which is the better? My Gt 220 is 1gb. THanks for your help. Any suggestions on other cards I can run on that psu are appreciated.
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  1. the ati 5770 and 5750 are know for their lack of power usage.
  2. i also believe there are some newer cards out there as well that don't even require a pci-e hookup from the power supply. somebody correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. Can I run those with my current 350w psu? I dont really want to exceed a total cost of $200, So a $100 dollar psu will limit my gpu. What is the best gpu I can run on the stock dell psu?
  4. Does the DDR5 on the gt 240(even though it is 512mb) outweigh the DDR3 "1GB" of the other gt 240?
  5. Here is a card I just saw. Its a gt 9800. Is it better than a gt 240? Will it run in an xps 8000 with 350w psu?
  6. i know nothing of nvidia cards, im strictly ati as I have never had a problem with them. As far as those cards working on a 350w PSU try this site

    it is a power supply calculator, it will tell you how much power your system is currently drawing, and whether you have room for adding anything else. Honestly, your best bet its probably investing in a simple 500w PSU.
  7. most newer video cards recommend 450w +.

    a cheap power supply for $30. might not be the best of the best, its got good reviews, and it sure beats a 350w!!
  9. I saw a geforce 9800gt with 1gb ddr3 needing only a 350w PSU. Will that be better than my current gt 220?
  10. I would assume so, but if you did read my post, I said I only know ATI cards well, cause they have given me the best luck, if you are dead set on getting an nvidia card, someone else here can help you with that. Either way I think that $30 power supply would really broaden your options.
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