What does the chipset do?

hey i was wondering what the chipset does and what a good one is....i just ordered an asus maximus that has the p55 chipset...what exactly does that mean and is that a good on? thanks
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    A chipset is concurrent with the generation or platform for a cpu - a generation can have multiple types of processors within it.

    This generation for intel for example includes:

    X58 - Core i7 platform of CPUs that use the 1366 pin socket type
    P55 - Core i5 and below platform of CPUc that use the 1156 pin socket type

    The chipset contains technologies relavent to the generation like usb sata sometimes a memory controler and various other input and output tech.

    X58 is the best right now, but p55 isnt far behind and is a better price/ performance solution and has many if not the same technologies (maybe dumbed down a bit).

    Your asus maximus is pretty slick - but very expensive for the platform - it is almost as much as the rampage extreme which is the x58 front runner (in my opinion).
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