Will a Dell Optiplex 755 make a good candidate for WHS 2011?

Hello forum,

I only recently convinced myself to go with WHS 2011. I started my setup from scratch in this country, so I don't really have spare parts lying around. After scouring some deal sites, I saw that Dell has a deal on its leased desktops.

Here's the link.

755 E6550

My question is: will this Dell Optiplex 755 suffice as a server. I have a simple apartment setup: 1 Windows 7 Desktop, 1 DLNA Samsung SmartTV, and 1 Macbook Air. I don't plan to do any transcoding on the server, I have my primary beast for that. I just need something that will host my media files, stream them at 1080p to my TV, my PC and my laptop without any hiccups, and that can be backed up to CrashPlan.

So tell me guys, shall I get this desktop, or will it need more upgrades to be worthy?

Thanks for looking :)
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  1. The only issue with the Dell is the number of HDDs that you can install. There are typically only 2 3.5in. HDD bays in the bottom of the case. You could also remove any optical drives and install HDDs (with 5.25 bracket adapters) to add a couple more. Otherwise, the Optiplex will make a very solid WHS box. Very quiet and stable.
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