Need to flash bios on HP DV9727cl

Don't know the motherboard manufactor of the vista based, amd laptop. I need the DMI tool to used to restoring lost bios information. Need help in finding correct bios. Motherboard idenification would also be helpful. Had overheating problems and HP provided me with a bios update. Resolved the issue. Then upgraded to seven ultimate thirty-two bit addition. Contacted HP support again to flash bios back to previous state. Was in the middle of making this laptop, with two harddrives, do a dual boot of XP pro and Seven ultimate. HP tech got me to the point of reflashing the bios and then at restart, laptop shut down completely, loosing bios data. Anyone have the correct XP drivers or have done a dual boot on a DV9000 series? Any help, pointers, information, or solution will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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