I7 3700k with P8z77-v Pro

I am a beginner in overclocking and I tried it but the temperature is going so high.
Does anyone recommend what cpu voltage and what MHz I should run at?
I wanted to aim for 4.5MHz but with cpu voltage from 1.3 to 1.5, temperature is going pretty high (my cooler is hyper 212 evo) with 16g of ram.

I tried the things through prime95 blend test and watched temperatures with realtemp.

Any tips would be highly appreciated
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  1. The truth in overclocking is that some processors are better at it than others - it may be that 4.5 in unattainable on air for a long term overclock for your CPU. The trick is to find the highest clock you can get at the lowest possible voltage while keeping reasonable temps - it takes some experimentation (and usually more than a few BSOD's) to find your best clock. The following article (which I think should be a little helpful) states that going over 1.3v will increase temps quite a bit
    I'd probably try 4.5 starting at 1.28v see if you can get stability around there.
  2. after pressing the blend test, when do you stop? because the temp keep going up if I don't stop. is the temperature after pressing blend test the correct temperature?
  3. Your temps should stabilize within fifteen minutes or so (not real familiar with OCing on air) I would think. If your temps are sill climbing after fifteen minutes, I think I would look at either, a) reseating your HSF or, b) increasing airflow into your case or going to a push/pull configuration on the Hyper 212.
    If you can't get your temps to an acceptable level (I shoot for 60C at 100%), you'll probably have to lower your clock or voltage a little more
  4. 4.5 at 1.28v and within couple minutes it goes over 100 lol.. mb i should loser the 4.5
  5. You might try bringing it down to 4.4 @ 1.25v - see where that'll get you - if unstable there, start raising the voltage in the smallest increments possible...
  6. wouldn't increasing the voltage raise the temp more?
    Right now I set it up at 4.2 with 1.25v
  7. How are your temps at that combination? Do they stabilize or are the temps increasing over time, only slower?
  8. like you said I tried 4.5 with 1.28v then within minutes the temp went over 100 so I stopped. then lowered 4.4 with 1.28v. within 2minutes? temp went over 100.
    then at 4.2 with 1.25v, it's not as bad as other ones. I don't think it exceed 100.
    But the temp is definitely not stable at all. Just increasing overtime slowly
  9. I think I would be looking at reseating the HSF then, almost sounds like too much or too little thermal compound
  10. You might also look up undervolting your CPU (I haven't read up on that for IB yet). Or just try bumping the clocks at (or very near to) stock voltage to see where you can get.
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