WD scorpion blue Hard Drive won't read

Im really upset as I have a lot of my babies birth photos on my WD Scorpion Blue Hard Drive and it won't read, it just gets stuck loading windows.
Is there away I can get all my photos and videos off of the hard drive or is it really all gone?! Please help I need my photos of my baby girl :( I have taken the Hard Drive out and plugged it in to my partners desktop computer and it loads up most of the way then it just sits there loading and loading but not getting anywhere. Please what can we do???
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  1. In your partners computer is it trying to boot from windows or as a secondary drive?
  2. you should be able to get them back

    it sounds like you are trying to boot from it in your partners pc

    you need to attach it then boot from your partners hard drive--use the boot menu by pressing whichever f key

    the pc uses or go in the bios and set his hard drive as 1st boot

    failing that download a live cd like ubuntu--this runs from the cd so wont overwrite your files--DONT choose to install ubuntu pick the run from cd option

    this will let you copy the photos to a flash drive or similar

    or try putting the hard drive back in your pc and pressing f8 at boot and choose safe mode to see if it boots--if it doesnt then try f8 then last known good configuration

    if you cant manage to recover them dont let some one charge you a fortune to do it--as long as your hard drive is spinning then its not a hard job to get them back

    and in future always save important stuff in more than one place
  3. I agree with rolli59. It sounds like you are trying to boot from the drive when it's inside a different computer. This doesn't usually work as the version of windows on your drive will not have the hardware drivers installed for your partner's computer. You need to stick it in a computer as a secondary drive, not the boot drive. If you can't do that, you can always try sticking your drive in a USB external enclosure and seeing if recovery software can get your pictures off of it.
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