USB Ports not reaching even 3 ft with wireless transceivers on Rampage

I wasnt sure what forum to post this in, I figured this may be the overall most applicable, as the devices work fine on my other systems.

I have a Rampage II Extreme MB. In the rear, I have one mouse and one keyboard USB dongle attached. They are both 2.4Ghz transceivers. I've had them hooked up to my laptop for quite some time now and I can literally go 10-20 feet away and they both work fine.

Now that they're attached to my new system I built, I've noticed while gaming the "W" (forward) key will "jam" constantly, I have the press it again to make it work. Same issue with the mouse, screen lags at various areas, jams up, left or right click randomly wont work etc... So my first assumption is that there's an issue with the USB dongles. So I move the whole case further "up" towards me, away from the back of my desk wall, to where my comp is sticking out like 4 feet so it's a bit closer to their dongles. After I did that, no issues, they worked fine. I obviously dont want my case sticking out forever, so I need a solution to this issue.

For now, just so they operate properly, I have them hooked up to the extra USB outlets located on the front of the comp case. But I'd prefer not to occupy those ports up with these 2 items.. I dont know if it's static interference going on in the back of my comp or what.. I have the latest chipset drivers (1802) from Intel installed, all other drivers up to date.. Although this JMicron crap is giving me a headache as apparently there are several different versions online and they make it extremely difficult to know which one is for which system. I dont evne know if they have anything to do with USB ports in the first place...

So, basically, I'd prefer not to resort to a corded solution down the road, and I;d like to solve this issue... I mean honestly, the rear of the case (where the two usb sticks are located for KB and mouse) are literally like 3 feet away from each other. My desk is wood, could it be that a 2.4ghz signal cannot pass thru mahogany? I've tried rotating ports, putting a USB hub device on one port and attaching both sticks to the HUB, but that only made the problem worse.

Any ideas?
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  1. Hi Obersturmfuhrer,

    Is your O/S the same on both laptop and desktop? I feel that the drivers loaded onto your PC are not working properly. Unfortunately can'y advise more until i know your O/S wersion. Check BIOS version and see if you run the latest. Check BIOS settings for IRQ conflicts if it allows you to and its possible that the ports are deactivated. I have found in the past (unproper BIOS release) that even deactivated hardawre was still seen by windows but can't remember on what mainboard.

  2. Hello syl..

    Thanks for your response, however, in my OP I stated that I had indeed upgraded the BIOS to the latest (1802). I've also updated the latest Intel chipset driver for the board.. (10.xx or 11.xx If memory serves correct).. And yes, both laptop and desktop are both running Windows 7 x64 Ultimate.

    I also think it would be prudent to note that I still haven't managed to get the motherboard's eSATA port to respond to my external 1TB Fantom drive... When I plug in either side nothing happens whatsoever.. Windows recognized it once, then after about 20 mins. the drive disappeared. Havent been able to get to it recognize it since.

    Ive checked in device manager and there are no (!) marks or IRQ conflictions, all Enhanced USB ports seem to operable. Like I said, they operate properly but the USB dongle literally has to be 1 ft. away from the mouse and/or keyboarod (2 separate 2ghz dongles) for them to work perfectly. Otherwise, during gaming or (not so often) desktop usage mouse lags or stops for a second, then resumes moving. Same goes for keyboard. W key (forward key in games) will work in spurts. When I drag my whole PC case forward, thus making the dongle and keyboard & mouse closer together, the problem goes away... So I dunno...
  3. Hi Ober,

    Its not clear if what your BIOS (not windows) reports when starting up the rig. I know its a both way process due to PNP but its a possiblity. Mainly i do blame the drivers still. Its worth trying a test install of a well worked out windows XP pro 32 bit. For this os the dirvers are mature enough or try drivermax and see if there are any other drivers available. I guess you will need to go thru a few versions (even older) that might work.

    On other hand check the MB manual as there could be 2 settings for the current i.e. 100mA and 500 mA (maybe controlled by the driver) ussually configurable by jumpers. Most external HDD's dont work on the lower settings. BTW is it a USB3 ?? by any chance?

    I hope this few ideeas might help narrow it down.

    Rgs Sylma
  4. Thanks, Rgs for your additional response, Ill try messing around with the drivers a bit and see what happens. My main problem thou is the short length that the USB sticks are reaching, from both my keyboard and mouse. Once I pull my desktop forward about 2 feet or so, they finally work okay... without any stuttering.. I know this is not right but I dont know really what is causing this issue>??
  5. Hi Ober,

    I was thinking about your problem and you could actually test it. If you have one of those cool (see thorough ones) plastic cases it could be part of your problem. As you probably know if the processor clock is near 2.4 (there are a few on that freq) or a multiple of this frequency you might have interference from the main board and the receiver is unable to filter it down as you go more than a few feet. You could test this by attaching your receivers to the laptop and place it as close as possible to the USB port of the PC (while running and some intense app like a video card tester). If you encounter similar problems at least you know where to start i.e. change the casing or main board or go back hunting drivers.
    Please let me know how you get on with this test.
    When i build my old PC it wasn't fitted in the case (just testing) and i couldn't watch TV (normal analog cable not digital) in the same quality from so much interference. Once it went in the case it all went ok but every time i was taking the side of the case off i was getting the same effect

  6. Thanks for the replies, syl.. however, I Found a great remedy to my issues...

    Simply went to CompUSA and bought 2 USB male-to-female extender. Plugged both 3ft cable into the back on the comp, put the other female holdster end on the top of my desk, and insterted both wireless USB dongles. Now both the mouse AND keyboard wireless USB sticks are inches away from each other, thus making them work flawlessly, so far that is!! =)

    By the way, it was a service rep @ comp usa (or sales guy) that made the recommendation.. Im pretty tech savvy and I coudlnt beleive I didnt think of such a simple solution...Every so often you'll run into a Compusa rep that really knows his stuff... anyways problem solved!!!

    While I was there I also got 1TB Seagate Barracuda 7200 RPM drive to go along with my 500 'cuda 7200 main drive, along with my external eSATA 1TB HDD. ... So,it's safe to say, I got PLENTY of space.!! Steam, here i Come!! lol
  7. I think they were interfering with eachother then . Thats good that you are sorted
  8. Thanks for your help, syl.. Hopefully this thread will prove to help someone else in a similar situation as I was in...

    thanks again! Perhaps you can review my next cooling issue with Corsair H50 (dunno if u know anything about overclocking but here's the link
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