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Recently i had a thread about my homemade built and asked for advices to lower my temps.

Now i am having a hard time figuring out what is wrong now.

My Rig:

NZXT Phantom Full tower
Asus P8z68-vPro
i5 2500k 4.2 Ghz OC
Radeon 6950 2gb
Kingston HyperX Genesis 16 GB 1600 mhz
And ofc Corsair enthusiast 750W v2.

On top of the CPU i have this beast - Noctua NH-D14 cooler. I've changed the stock fans for Cooler Master R4 Sickleflow fans which gave lower temps even when fan speed was on low. When doing the IBT the temps are about 64-69c. When i turn up the speed on the fans its actually the same varrying 1-2c. Vcore is set the 1.32.

Every where i go i find that people are having higher OC and yet lower temps with the Noctua heatsink with stock fans, in a warmer clima. I cannot make the numbers match. Their temps are mostly, across cores, 55-60c with and OC of 4.5Ghz and 4.8 Ghz. Even lower temps though their voltage is set to 1.4.

When i go back to stock clock. My idle OC or not is 29-34c . I do the IBT again with no OC at all ad the temps go up to 58c.. I have good airflow and cable management. I use the MX-4 TIM. I have tryed the NH1 and arctic silver. MX-4 gave the best temps.

I am really lost. Why cant i get lower temps when i have lower OC, lower voltage and my ambient is 23c atm. I have reseated so many times and yet i can not lower my cpu temps. It should even get near 60c

How can they have a higher OC, warmer ambient and yet have lower temps than i get?

If you need more info, please tell.'

Btw. I have updated BIOS, Chipset and everything to latest version.
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  1. Those temps are fine, however if you feel that its not living up to others benchmarks, make sure that you actually applied the thermal paste correctly, I prefer an X over the chip and let the heatsink spread it out. A couple of days ago someone had a GPU heating over 100 degrees, and when I told him to apply a little more thermal paste and do what I said, he went down to 70.

    Perhaps a broken motherboard sensor, what I'd recommend to do is decharge yourself, and touch the heatsink when its at 60 degrees. If it feels round about 60 degrees, its correct. If you can hold it for more than 20 seconds without your fingers hurting, then its most likely not correct.
  2. Thanks for the reply

    My temps are fine, ye, but i dont understand why my temps suddenly when up for no reason - Even the weather is getting colder as we speak.

    I have change TIM several times. Tryed several ways. Cross, line, 2 lines, a dot, a very little, and very much of the TIM.

    Yet my temps dont want to get lower. My CPU is running 1.35 voltage on load and for some reason my temps arent around 60c but 68-70c. My Ambient right now is 20c so its not warm in here. My idle is always 7-9c higher than my ambient.

    I know that the chips are not the same and their needs varry from one another. But it still makes me wonder how people can sit in a warmer clima/higher ambient, with the same cooler and chip as me, and yet have higher overclocks with lower temps.

    It just doesnt add up. I did get nice temps, not so long ago, but since then it has been impossible for me to get any lower. I have also resetted my bios and booted into windows and check temps while idle and on load. The temps still got up to 62c at stock clock with turbo boost on(3.7 Ghz). Didnt matter which TIM or how i applied it. SAme results each try. Except when i tryed to put as little TIM on as i could - That just made the temps go even higher.

    My core temps has as well been close to each with 4th core being the hottest. Shouldnt it be the 1st one? Anyway, the first 3 have always been near each other and 4th a few degrees higher. Since my temps started to raise 1st core and 4th core are equally the same and core 2 and 3 are as they use to be.

    I cannot make it add up. I havent touched any settings. Just happend from day to day.

    Any suggentions?

    To Sum Up:

    I have reseatted several times. Used different TIM's and ways to apply it. Even tryed to add a 3rd fan on the NH-D14, but it didnt change either idle or load temps.

    Is it realyl time to for a new chip? It not old yet and neither have i tortured it. Never been overvoltaged or abused in anyway.
  3. Stock voltage is normally 1.2 V. Are you sure you might of upped the voltage too much?
  4. With a 4.2 OC i can get it stable at 1.27v. I did make it stable once at 4.5 Ghz with 1.32v, but no matter what i do. I havent been able to since. Load voltage had a peak spike of 1.39 from time to time, but it fluctates between 1.33 and 1.35v

    When setting my LLC to regular i get a 4.5ghz with 1.32v with an offset set to -0.060. Works like a charm.... The first 24 hours. Then its BSOD's or freezes.

    Will post my BIOS settings in the morning.
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