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Hello all,

I'm upgrading my system i.e. mobo memory and CPU and i have chosen the X6 black edition and a crosshair IV Asus mainboard. I'm not so sure about the memory modules that i should purchase. I have the following restrictions for the memory based on a few consideartions. The Asus recommended memory list doesnt contain my desired configuration and i understand that there are a few configurations that work only on X6 CPU's (if anyone can expand o that i would be gratefull)

-lifetime warranty
-greater or equal with PC1333 standard
-need 2x4gb or 4x4gb for a initial 8gb or 16gb configuration(depending on price)
-fully compatible with the mainboard / CPU
- timing - please advise options as needs to be a good balance in between price and speed
-any other options for ECC based memory modules(kind of expensive)

Thank You in advance
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  1. Hi sylmarils and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    This G.Skill Ripjaws 1600 meets all ur requirements.

    Regarding the ECC, that feature only is good for benchmarks and servers not for desktop so the price for that feature isn't a good deal for a gaming build rig.
  2. Cheers
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