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I got a HTPC built on the case below, Lian-Li PC-C35B Home Theater Case. The case is very low profile, like a DVD player and that puts some restrictions on the size of the graphics card.

Anyone know a graphics card that can fit? I think its only like 6-7CM from the MB to the top of the case. (The standard Intel C2D fan fits with less then 1cm to spare.

It can be PCI or PCI-x, i just need something more powerfull then the built in VIA share memory crap that came on the motherboard.

If there isnt one, I guess a new Micro-ATX motherboard with desent built in graphics can work as well? Just looking to play 720/1080 without glitching. No gaming etc.

(PS: If you notice there arent any expantion slots on the case in the picture, i have taken care of that already).
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  1. If you include the term "small form factor" in your searching you should find quite a few cards that fit your needs. Fore example (and I am not suggesting this exact product, just using it as an example) the Radeon X1300 SFF is 2.4" tall....thats right on the 6-7CM size you are looking for.
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