I7 worth it for SC2 HC dedication

question in title, the I7s help the FPS of SC2 even at 1920x1200, so I'm thinking is it worth it or wait for 2011 for new technology, but on the other hand I7s are really mature and stable and OCable.
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  1. I play SC2 beta (I know, hate me) @ 1920x1080 maxed out with very playable framerates with the PC in my sig. So I'm sure i7 will be plenty, especially with a little OC.
  2. Same, I am playing the SC2 Beta at 1680x1050 maxed out at ~55fps with a 955BE @ 3.7GHz and XFX GTS250 @ stock. Not really sure what you mean by 'HC dedication', though.
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