Should I wait for the GF100 (Fermi)?

Hey, I was looking at the Radeon HD 5850 and I posted earlier with that as a must in my build, and someone suggested I wait for Fermi. So, I did some searching. On The NVIDIA website, all it said about was that it would have better performance in "ray tracing, physics, finite element analysis, high-precision scientific computing, sparse linear algebra, sorting, and search algorithms." What does that have to do with gaming? Is any of that even applicable to gaming? And if it is, is it worth getting (keep in mind I'm on a budget)? Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. afaik, the g3xx probably won't be a match for the 5xxx but I've could be wrong...
  2. Going by what's available Femi will likely be significantly faster than a Radeon 5870, but may or may not be faster than a 5970. There is also a question of just what it will cost as it is a bigger die with lower yield rates and uses a more complex PCB meaning AMD can afford to sell a 5870 cheaper than nVidia can afford to sell anything based of Femi. It may or may not come out next month. If anything it should at least help to drive down the price of 5xxx series cards, so the decision to wait is up to you. Do you want to play games now, or latter?
  3. I want something that I can afford to buy another one in order to SLI or Crossfire, so I'm probably going to go with a 5850 or something like that until I get the funds to get something better. That's where I stand on it, but if anyone has any other info or anything on it, it's greatly appreciated.
  4. Personally, I am going to wait for Fermi, not just to see what it can do, but the original MSRP for the 5850 was $260, it's inflated pricing is due to lack of competition in the market right now, the 5850 is technically worth $300, but the price will come down significantly within the next month, so like I said, I would suggest waiting for fermi even if you're not going to buy it.

    With that said, often waiting for the next technology is not a wise idea because theres always something right around the corner. BUT, in this particular case, we know when it's coming (March 26th), so we have a reasonable time frame for when the prices of things will come down (April 15th). If you NEED a graphics boost RIGHT now, then the 5850 is definitely worth the $300, compared to whats out there, but if you can stave your hunger for new tech until End of March - Mid April, I would suggest that as the best time to buy the 5850 (or fermi depending on price/performance). I'm currently rockin out 2 GTS 250 which does power through any game I throw at it at 1920x1080, but the problem is I want to do video/animation using After Effects, and currently the SLI is not being utilized properly by the OpenGL environment and the GTS 250s are not OpenGL 3.

    So my next upgrade is going to be mid april, even though I really want it today. The planned build (i5 750, biostar cf/sli mobo, 4gb ddr3, 1 radeon 5850 or equivalent (upgrade in the future whatever the card is I'll have 2), and a ssd of 40gb+)
  5. yeah why not wait for it. they will be out in a month and it cant hurt to see what they can do. plus its just a month.
  6. Yeh, you can wait a month for Fermi, and then wait just a few months for Northern Islands, and then just wait a few more Months for Fermi 2, and so on untill you turn 80.
  7. First of all, it's highly unlikely that Fermi will hit the market in high quantities. It's probably more of a paper launch at first. So, you'll have to wait another month before ATI's prices will take a hit. But that's only going to happen if Nvidia can deliver a good p/p ratio and I honestly don't see it happening.
    Also, running two 470s/480s in SLI could be rather tricky.
    It's your call, if you can wait.. though it might take some time for NI since 28nm isn't looking too good.
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