Which of the 3 will it be?

I have a Gigabyte GA-P43-ES3G, P43, Socket-775, with a Q8300 CPU and i am trying to figure out which ram to get.
I have narrowed it down to three;

Corsair XMS2 DHX - 4 GB PC2-6400(800Mhz) ( 2 x 2 ) CL4-( 4-4-4-12 ) 2.1V

Corsair XMS2 - 4 GB PC2-6400(800Mhz) ( 2 x 2 ) CL5 ( 5-5-5-18 ) 1.8V

Corsair Dominator DHX - 4 GB PC2-8500(1066Mhz) ( 2 x 2 ) CL5 ( 5-5-5-15 ) 2.1V

So there it is, which one will it be?
I'm kinda leaning towards the CL4 one, as I've gathered that the lower the CL the faster the ram. And considering the cost of the 3 types, i will save 20-30 USD buying the CL4 one.

Thank full for any input.
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  1. 1. for me. If not that then 2. But not 3.
  2. #1 seems good

    #2 is the choice I would go with to save a little green and has a lower voltage for energy savings

    #3 is going to be expensive and if you don't care about speed, more latency then it is out of the question.
  3. No to #3 coz as makwy2 they are expensive and the extra frequency wont even be noticeable. I said #1 coz it low latency which is good if you overclock them. and #2 coz of lower voltages.
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