My SSD broke, literally

I was just surfing the internet when suddenly my Firefox froze, and I couldn't open up task manager to end it. So I thought my computer just froze. I was still able to use the mouse so I just went ahead and reset it by pressing the reset on my case. Upon resetting, it wouldn't boot into Windows 7, said I needed to put in BOOT DISC. I thought maybe some Windows file went corrupt so I'll either repair it or just reformat it. I put in the disc, and it didn't read any hard drive. I only have my 120GB Corsair Force GT, no mechanical drive so this is all I got. I opened up the case and noticed this....

At first, the far left pin was only bent, but it was bent pretty badly. I tried to bend it back but upon trying to plug it back into the SATA cable, it just broke. What the *** happened here so I can prevent it from happening again. It looks like it literally exploded because the whole plastic is destroyed too. Did my PSU or something or motherboard do something to pop it? I didn't hear anything, windows just suddenly stopped working. That's all I know.
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  1. bottom line 2 thing could of happened:

    - Electric shock / overheating (i doubt it cause it would be severe) - might want to check if the cable/mobo is damaged

    - when you plug it in you push too hard

    either way I don't think you can RMA this now
  2. This has happened to my friends Memoright SSD. The connectors on these and the Corsair ones appear to be quite cheap and easy to break.

    The cable that was used was kinda short and had applied pressure, with this pressure it pulled down on the connector and cracked it. His was worse as the connector snapped into the sata power connector and needed tweezers to pull it out.

    You need to send the drive for RMA, let them know you installed the drive and it broke. My friends one was replaced.
  3. Seen this happen on quite a few drives (mainly mechanical) If they won't RMA it, you can repair it with a good glue and a lot of tiny fiddly work (done that a few times for friend who were rough with drives)
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