Nvidia geforce4 MX 440 w dvi analog no signal

Hello! I'm putting together several PCs for a church that received several HP Compaq, Model dCMT computers, that have Nvidia Geforce4 MX 440 w video cards connected to ViewSonic VA712b monitors.

The display using the VGA connectors of the video card and the monitor is good. Using the DVI connectors of the video card and the monitor displays "Analog No signal!.

Are there any jumper settings on the card or in CMOS that I should be aware of?
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  1. I think you have to set the monitors to receive their signal through their DVI port, not VGA. That's probably why it's saying "Analog No signal!" since they're not getting anything through their VGA ports.
  2. I had the same problem with the same video card. I switched the monitor to digital: still no result. THEN I took out the video card and put it back in and tried again, and to my surprise, it worked (DVI output came through to the monitor)! I guess the Nvidia card needed its default output changed, or it just needed to be reset.
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