Cant launch xp after installing an ekstra ram

i installed xp on a computer with 2gb ram
and after that i stabbed in another 2gb ram the computer wont start xp
it either goes bluescreen for a few seconds or just restarts after loading

i guess its something i must fix in the bios considering im certain i

power supply 480w
motherboard: p5b-vm
cpu: 2.8 intel dual core socket 755
harddisk: western digital 320gb
ram: corsair 800mhz 2048mb
5-5-5-18 xms2-6400
dvdrom:some random thing from a 4yr old pc
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  1. Install only the new RAM stick and try to turn on the rig.
  2. seems like the it does not work at all :(
    and i put back the other one and now that one doesnt work either
  3. Reset the BIOS install the old one and RMA the new for change.
  4. hm the ram sems to be working fine when i reinstall xp 64
  5. this is ridicules i format install xp with 2gb ram and the finish install and turn off pc and input second piece of ram now it works fine only that i have 2.75 gb ram
    nothing is wrong with the piece of ram some sort of setting i have to mess with
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