Ultra LSP650: should I buy?

I am planning to buy this PSU with my build.

My build is:
Althon II X4
1HD 7200rpm
4gb DDR3 1600
My GPU is a radeon hd 5770.

With this arrangement, the newegg PSU calculator said I needed 425W.

I plan to eventually upgrade to dual radeon hd 5770's in crossfirex. And also upgrade my CPU to a Phenom II X4 and get 4 more gigs of DDR3.

Now it calculated that I needed 604W.

So My minimum power supply should be at 650W.

This Ultra LSP650 seems good but it doesn't say crossfire ready, only SLI ready.

What do you think?
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    It only has 38A on the 12V rail, which would make it a decent 550W unit, or a lower level 650W unit, get a good PSU so you wont have to upgrade in the future.

    550W and 750W units are the sweet spots, a 550W unit with ~40A on the 12V rail can run any single GPU card, a 750W unit with ~60A on the 12V rail can run a high end dual GPU setup. Look for one with a 5 year warranty and 80+ certification. The PSU is the only component in your build that wont be outdated in 3 years so get a good one. For dual GPUs i normally suggest the 750TX
    but it appears that the antec TP-750 is on sale this week so its a pretty good deal right now
  2. I recently purchased CORSAIR CMPSU-750TX 750W; it is awesome only thing was a bit tricky is finding the 4pin connector. The 8pin connector separates into two 4pin connectors. comes with a nice bag too for your psu
  3. SLI and Crossfire are the same thing, one is an Nvida standard and the other ATI...ALWAYS spend extra on a good power supply, it's really the foundation of any computer you may build!
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  5. Thanks hunter, I just bought the antec TP-750 and I can't wait for it to arrive.
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