3 remote sites all using SBS 2008 and I need to link them

Picked up a new contract with existing company that has 3 sites all running SBS 2008. They won't pay for a direct connection (T1) but they want to have DFS setup using a server to server VPN. It's obvious that all 3 sites are seperate domain names. Any suggestions on hooking them together across the Internet so DFS will copy some files back and forth? Remember the company refuses to pay for direct links.
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  1. Use DSL and install a VPN server at each site. It will not be as fast as T1, but it will meet their requirements.
  2. The DSL with VPN server to server wasn't the complicated part. Making DFS run across two different domains is the problem. DFS will check domain security and file security. I'm not sure just how to make it copy across two seperate domains.
  3. I've never used DFS across several domains, but has a trust relationship been established between the domains?
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