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  1. Looks good to go, but what monitor you using, and with 4G ram I assume you are going to run a 64bit OS-WHICH one
  2. One thing,there does not seem to be much cooling in that tower tbh,are you buying extra fans?
  3. yes your good to go,
    take the side cover off until you have a baseline set up,
    put the side cover back and run the monitor for the CPU and GPU just to check
    more fans will help no doubt
    Asus M2N68,
    AM3 5200,
    2G Ram
    Win7 Ultimatex86,
    GTX260+, 250G WD, 500G Seagate, 1.5 TB Seagate,
    plays ME2 maxed out at 1680X1050, NFS Undercover and Shift maxed out, MW2 maxed out
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  5. What PSU do you have?
    That case will only take an 80mm fan in the rear. Check out Rosewill's low-end cases; they all come with 120mm fans, so cooling should be better AND quieter.
  6. windows 7 32bit supports a maximum of 3.5GB. Even though you'l have 4GB installed, it'l show 3.5 GB usable. I had to run back and forth to the retailer jus cos i din know XP 32bit supported a maximum of 3GB...
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