Asus P8z77-v 3770k - Can't increase CPU ratio

Hey guys

Just got a new board, CPU and RAM about a week ago. Happily got it humming at 4.5ghz. Thismorning I restarted my PC to install some updates, and it wouldnt reboot. After a few failed reboots it gave me the old 'overclocking failed' message.

Dropped out extra sticks of RAM, and set everything back to stock, and it works fine.

I jumped back into bios to have a look at re-overclocking, and all of a sudden it won't let me push my CPU ratio over the 'base' value of 35, even with turbo mode enabled.

It's as if its acting as though it doesn't have a K series CPU in it, and is locking me out of the multi.

I have reflashed the BIOS to the latest one, with no success. I'm a bit stumped, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. The 'Turbo Ratio' and 'Internal PLL Overvoltage' settings are not showing in BIOS either, which were before, and from what I can tell should be showing with a 3770K installed.
  2. Got any pics?
  3. <--- note the lack of turbo ratio and internal pll overvoltage options <--- won't allow me to change ratio here <--- main page <--- cpu configuration
  4. What memory?

    I suggest you clear CMOS load default values and try again. You do not need to touch anything else other than the CPU Ratio and Vcore.
  5. GSkill Ripjaws 1866mhz 9-10-9-28.

    I have tried clearing the CMOS. No dice. I only mentioned that these settings because they disappeared after the initial crash, at the same time the bios stopped letting me increase the CPU ratio. I am still able to set the Vcore.
  6. Set ai overclock tunner to manual .Nuff said..
  7. robustus64 said:
    Set ai overclock tunner to manual .Nuff said..

    Haha, yeah that was the first thing i did, just took the screenshots directly after resetting to factory settings.
  8. I have asus mtherboard aswell and sme thing happend to me !!! any idea? plus now my pc hangs every now and then.
    Please help !!!
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