Liquid cooled case

Hello, i'm searching for a good liquid cooled case for a good price,
i'm gonna install it on cpu & gpu any recommendations ?
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  1. I would recammend staying away from liquid cooling. A good liquid setup is gonna run you atleast $200. A good air cooling system will work just as good as a cheap liquid setup and is way more reliable.
  2. ditto that.

    if you really want to do it for overclocking/space then I'd recommend checking out one of the overclockers sites or... or for an idea. but if it's for noise you'll still need fans to cool down the watersupply
  3. @ SAAIELLO : I tried to hard to stay away from liquid but I can rely on it for a good cooling and no dust and some overclocking

    @Collie147 : i won't use it for this kind of overclocking I just want a peaceful clean environment for my PC

    I'm sick of blowing my case every now and then

    and i have this equipments:
    I7 940 @ 3.0 fine clockin
    gigabyte GA-EX58-EXTREME
    285gtx 2gb (480gtx soon)
    and a lot of hard disks

    i paid a lot on those pieces and now i'm almost broke XD
    I need alot of space and alot of coooooling and ZEro dust

    so i did some research and i found this

    thermaltake element v nvidia edition a good case for 220$ and 170$ for the element V it's liquid cooling capable and good price
    and 3D galaxy II from my beloved Gigabyte (i love this company, very decent and respectful) to chill out my cpu and gpu (planning to have liquid cooled version of the 480)
    and for a price of 125$ i get myself a good Kit

    i want a full-ready-to-install kit

    so lemme hear your opinions please!!
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