When evaluating CPU performance which is not a feature you need to consider

amount of cache memory
speed of the processor
speed of the front side bus
size of the processor
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  1. Nice homework. :)
  2. All of them features have to be considered when looking at he performance.
  3. IF you have to choose one then I would say the size of the processor is the one that matters the least as far as performance goes (though technically the die size will make some difference in the performance it will be of less of an impact than the others - though it will make a difference as far as what MOBO the CPU will work in.
  4. Size.

    Physical size tells you absolutely nothing about the processor's performance unless you also have other information (and you can completely characterize a processor's performance without knowing its size).

    Oh, and nice homework.
  5. Why'd you guys tell him? It's almost certainly a homework question, why couldn't we band together and say the speed was irrelevant?
  6. Speed is irrelevant in most cases. lol
  7. loneninja said:
    Speed is irrelevant in most cases. lol

    I agree. Speed is usually the most irrelevant factor for me. Usually, a low fsb was just the ticket for a great overclock, so I really didn't care what the stock speed of the cpu was, as long as it was slow enough to make the jump up to the next fsb and still be stable.

    but OP, seriously? You need help with that homework question? C'mon man, did somebody twist your arm to take introductory computer class? That's a pretty easy question. Almost anyone interested in computers should have a decent idea as to the correct answer.
  8. Belive it or not this question can be asked at A-Level..


    Along with the multiple choice question:

    Which of these is a suitable value for the speed of a CPU

    3GB 3Ghz 3Mhz 3MP

    (You can be a clever one if you want, but youll get it wrong ;))
  9. Chip size relates to performance when comparing CPUs of the same brand/series. Front side bus is going to be the least important for performance, but the answer is size.
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