New build.

Hi there!
I'm looking to build a new system in the next few days.
I already have the case and CPU.
the CPU is a phenom 9950. Yes that's a first gen phenom.
I need advice for the mobo.
Chances are I won't be going crossfire or sli, but its an option.

My budget is about 1000 dollars.

I got the CPU for free, so I figured why not.
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  1. Can you please fill out the build questions on the link below, first??
  2. ok, planned for this week, or next
    some gaming, but not heavy, more of a workstation/mild internet. more of a media/movie machine.
    dont need a cpu, see above. going to get a blu ray player and want hdmi out.
    prefer newegg or tigerdirect
    will not be overclocking. have not come to a descion on sli or crossfire, if i have the money, and an open pci slot i will.
    monitor resolution will most likely be attached to a 1080p 32inch or larger tv.
    trying to build it for my dad for his birthday
    which is on febuary 13th
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