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Hey all,

So by now, reading all articles leads me to one conclusion...the 5970 sounds like a 747 taking off. I'm still waiting for mine to ship, but in the meantime, I'm wondering if there is a better, quieter cooling solution. I know that the current phoenix shroud is capable of cooling 400W, and I don't plan on overvolting, but I wonder if there is a solution maybe using two fans or a heatsink? I'm running the Cooler Master V8 on my i7, so size doesn't really matter in the case.

I've seen a waterblock, but I don't have any desire to go that route. Anyone with advice appreciated!

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    Wait, if the 5970 is really very noisy, there's nothing you can do about it, short of changing the cooler embedded into the card. Which I definitely wouldn't recommend, especially if you're talking about something as pricey as a 5970.
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  3. that's how my 4870x2 is. VERY LOUD at 100%, but you prob won't have to run it that loud.
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