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What a great forum! I have always been a PC guy, but six months ago switched to a macbook pro. I am an internet marketer by trade, and have been using Windows 7 on bootcamp, and really just decided that I can build a way better desktop for home and get a netbook for travel, as the mac is not all it's cracked up to be.

I am pretty sure I can build a pc, even though I haven't done it before as I always fix my own computers in the past.

I looked online but not many good deals right now so I thought that since I have a Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit Retail disc and key, I should look at building a desktop and selling my macbook pro.

Since I have Windows 7 already, I am trying to do this for less than $700 as I need to buy a monitor.

I need to be able to handle multiple apps being open at the same time. I need the ability to encode HD video, and would like to be able to run full versions of Photoshop, and Sony Vegas without hickups, with some HTPC capability, but No Gaming.

Can you guys help me out, and tell me what I should roll with. I am putting the macbook up for sale this week, so buy time is the next two weeks.

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  1. You should probably go with an LGA 1156 setup (quad core) with at least 4 gbs of RAM. Get a fast main drive like the WD Black 1 or 2 TB and then get some slower (5400RPM) data drives for storage and finished projects. Photoshop benefits a lot from a separate scratch disk and encoding video is faster if your target drive is different from your source drive.
  2. You can stick with AMD Athlon X4 630 paired with GIGABYTE or ASUS AM3 Mobos with 4/6 Gigs of DDR3 ram will do great work for you with good VFM.
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