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Win7 + GTX 295 + Nvidia drivers = BSOD?

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January 24, 2010 9:13:09 PM

I have been having trouble over the past few weeks, even months with my nVidia driver. It would work fine up to a certain point, then fail and recover, causing artifacts. Often, it doesn't recover and causes a BSOD.MY temps never hit 70c in game and I have an Antec 1200 case, so airflow is ok. I have checked the connections to the Card, all is ok, AFAIK. I have uninstalled drivers, ran driver sweeper and installed new ones in safe mode (To stop windows automatically installing its own drivers, as it's impossible to stop without booting safe mode -.-), and nothing works. I am hoping it's not a faulty card. I have stopped using Windows Aero too, but to no avail. Could another component be causing this? I have experimented with overclocking a small bit, even with the RAM (All default now ofc). Could the RAM be causing this, and how could I troubleshoot it? Anyway, thanks in advance.
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January 25, 2010 5:53:51 AM

Please post your complete system specs.
Also can you test your card in another system ?
For RAM,download and install "Memtest" and test your RAM's with it.
January 25, 2010 11:38:42 AM

CPU - i7
Mobo - Asus P6T
Video card - Gainward GTX 295
RAM - OCZ 1600mhz (Bot sure exactly, I will check it out)
HDD - Samsung 1TB 7200RPM
Antec 1200 case

Also, after noe of the bluescreens yesterday, Win7 ran a DSKCHK, does this mean the HDD could be a problem?
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January 25, 2010 12:05:08 PM

Synex said:
Also, after noe of the bluescreens yesterday, Win7 ran a DSKCHK, does this mean the HDD could be a problem?

well with earlier windows' diskcheck was run when windows didn't shut down properly, ie power was turned off suddenly while the HDD was doing things and thus it didn't have time to park the readheads before shutting down. This might have caused physical damage to the platters and bad sectors etc. So this is completely separate problem but caused by the crash (or reset) itself...
January 25, 2010 8:03:32 PM

Also Corsair TX850 with 70A on the +12v. I have read elsewhere that people have similar problems and the PSU is the culprit. Any thoughts?

(I am not allowed to edit my other post, roflwut?)