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Hi Guys,

i have a HP laptop which is nearly 2 years old and out of warranty, its motherboard has got kaput recently, i gave it to service center, they mentioned that they cant do a motherboard's component level repair and I should replace the complete motherboard of the laptop, they quoted me a 27k for replacing the motherboard, I am planning to get it repaired, please suggest me repair shops in bangalorewhich can do component level repairing.

would appreciate your help.


rakesh shindhe
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  1. It may be cheaper to shop for another used laptop that uses your board than trying to repair it. You may be throwing your money away. Unless a shop identifies a surface mount component that's defective, and you can match it, it's unlikely you will restore all functions of the board. I used to work at IBM making some of the most complex printed wire boards, which are simply unpopulated motherboards. The complexity of the internal circuitry makes repairing one difficult. Check ebay for a used laptop like yours, or try transferring your old drive to another laptop.
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