New Computer... right parts?

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  1. Not a smart build.... An LGA 775 is an EOL chipset. You should keep just the PSU, HSF and Case from that build. I would replace it with the following

    CPU - Athlon II X4 620
    MOBO - ASUS 785G Micro ATX board
    HHD - Samsung Spinpoint F3 500 GB
    GPU - ATI 4850
    DVD - Cheapest DVD 22x+ Burner you can find.
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    I would go with this MOBO instead... and this GPU instead...

    The rest of the parts you guessed correctly! :) The X4 620 is a budget quad-core at a great price, which is why I recommended it. It is not as powerful as the Intel quads or Phenom II X4's but is the BEST $ valued quad-core. AMD's are ideal for budget minded buiders, as they typically provide the best bang for the buck.
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  4. Alright I'm set! Thanks man you've been a great help! And AMD's do seem like the best one's for a budget. I hope you continue helping computer noobs like me so we don't do something drastic! ;)
  5. Can you post links to The combo components you used? The old links are dead. Thanks!
  6. I can't find it any ore since the deal is no longer avaliable, but it was an asus mobo with an intel core duo processor combo if that helps in anyway, sorriez!
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