Problem overclocking 8400GS

I've been wondering why my 8400GS cannot overclock more then others.

Core clock : 585
Shader clock : 1430
Memory clock : 435
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  1. Some chips require more voltage for a given clock speed and all have a point where more voltage won't help them go any faster. (Or the voltage damages the chip)
  2. There's no option to increase the voltage
  3. If you are using MSI afterburner, try going settings and checking the box next to "unlock voltage control". That's under the "compatibility properties" banner.

    Also don't push your voltage to far beyond stock. I'm not familiar with your particular card but many recommend no more than 1.050v for my GTX 560's and it's stock voltage is 0.975v
  4. Already did that.
  5. I wouldn't bother. OCing crap only gives you hotter crap. (no offense.) As an 8400GS you'll never get good gaming performance from modern titles. No matter how far you OC it. Time for a new card.
  6. I'm getting one soon.
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