First Build How is it?

I am building my first computer here is the link: First Build
How is it? My friend said that if i use the SATA cd/dvd burner it will slow down the SATA controller and consequently slow down my computer whenever i am using the cd/dvd drive, is that true? Any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.
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  1. its amazing. Just four things. One the 5970 is out of stock.
    two if you are gonna spend all that money on that build get an aftermarket cpu cooler like this
    Three with a budget for the 5970 you might want to see if you have it in your budget to water cool the system.
    Four and finally get the spinpoint f3 teribite drive. It is less with more storage. Or u can get the f3 500 gb for $55.
  2. 1. Yep i know its out of stock i plan on doing this in 2-3 weeks
    2. Added to the list (thanks for the suggestion)
    3. I dont think im going to add water cooling right now but i will if i end up needing it :)
    4. Changed the HDD's to the 500GB f3's planning on putting them in RAID 0

    Thanks for your suggestions i hope to see more suggestions like it :)
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