[Build Log]Watercooled Power Mac G5 Hackintosh.

Starting another one of these awesome projects! :wahoo:

This is going to be one of those long term projects, as I have school to deal with. :) I'll be working on this when I have the spare time though....

Disassemble Power Mac G5.
Clean up cables, case, un-needed things for PC.
Convert mounting to ATX by making motherboard tray.
Convert ATX PSU to Mac PSU by dissembling it getting rid fo PSU case.
Rear I/O ports/other cutting.
Convert mac front panel connectors to PC mobo connectors.
Figure out where fans, HDD, etc. go in case.
Transfer current Hackintosh or Dad's Hackintosh parts over.

(I'll strike off things when I complete them.)

As shown in these photos I've acquired a Power Mac G5, specifically the older 2003 one. Anyways, I'm here for the case, I absolutely love how this case is so sleek and elegant. :sarcastic:

Right now I've disassembled the whole dang thing....

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  1. great work man!
  2. Keep it up interesed to see what this wil become.
  3. So you're going to be running the Mac OS on PC parts in a Mac case?
  4. kajabla said:
    So you're going to be running the Mac OS on PC parts in a Mac case?

    Yup! True hackintosh :p

    Pc parts within a mac case....
  5. That's better. I have been requesting a build log section for a long time.... Someone should make a formal request in the feedback tool ;)
  6. Just went and got a side panel for this thing! :)

    Disassembling this thing is getting a bit annoying. :fou: I still have to remove the HDD cage and HDD fans.

    More pics to come...
  7. Definitely going to follow this, still think that case is among the most beautiful out there and love seeing mods done to it. Do you plan to cut a window into the side panel?
  8. Probably not.

    The case was designed for silence, at least the panels were. I'll put a video up..
  9. Love the case and I'm very interested in this project. I do hope you paint over the inedible apple though.
  10. silveralien81 said:
    Love the case and I'm very interested in this project. I do hope you paint over the inedible apple though.

    Haha, I won't.... :ange:
  11. I'm now making a motherboard tray for ATX mounting from some old cases I've got laying around. Will post pics.

    Making motherboard mounting tray for ATX in Mac case.

    Here's an old case I've got laying around with an ASUS board.

    Here's the mobo tray:

    Drilling out rivets:

    Tray removed:

    Top PSU mounting got in the way, so we cut it off with a hacksaw.

    Final tray:

    For reference:

    I'm going to work on the PCIE/GPU Slots next weekend.
  12. EXCITED! Should've messed with a low-end Bulldozer or Trinity setup muffin! Considering this is a WC setup :3
  13. Check my member config, hackintosh is going in. :)
  14. Ahhh that Asus board made me think you were putting a cheap ol' 775 setup in there. Respectable :) i5 2500K for folding.
  15. I was following alot of these hackintosh's on tonymac's there was one bloke who literally made the entire PCB of the G5 and had the pinouts for a gigabyte board/or any generic board's I/O.

    Amuffin - good work you've got there...but the real problem will be to keep the whole case intact(externally) and not hack the back end of the case for you mobo's I/O shield...rather have extender's/wires to get them to the meshed area :)

    keep it up!

    *muffin - good job on your pic's being re-sized by default :)
  16. Just picked up another Power Mac G5 for $30 from this awesome dude on craigslist. :) He was really really nice! This PowerMac G5 was apparently used by NASA! :ouch:

    Older monitor I dug up.....

    This is where we are right now! You can see the recently purchased mac, a HTPC case we're gonna use, and the current mac.

  17. Very nice.
  18. any developments amuffin mate?
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