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Hi Guys,
I know this is a lot to ask but I am totally out of my depth and would appreciate any advice as to what to do.
I have now built my new system and loaded the OS and I think I need to manually set the memory details.
My motherboard is an Asus M4A785TD-V Evo and memory is 2 x 2gb of Corsair DDR3 1600mhz.
CPUID is showing it as PC3 667mhz.
The memory timings are supposed to be (CL9) 9-9-9-24 2T with 1.65v.
Is there an idiot guide to show me how to get the correct configuration.
Processor is an AMD11 x4 965 Black Edition.
I have never had to do this before and the user manual for the motherboard is clear as mud to me.
Many thanks,
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  1. Go into the bios and find the memory section; could be titled "advanced chipset configuration" or similar. Change the memory setting from auto to manual. Then highlight the 667 speed reported and press enter. There should be a pc3 800 setting, which is what you want for 1600 speed. Also be aware if you overclock the cpu, the ram speed may increase percentage wise the same as the cpu, so for stability, when overclocking the cpu, decrease the ram setting or leave it at 667 or less, so the net result is pc3 800 at the post screen. For the timings and voltage, I first try the default settings. Filling all slots may require a slight bump in voltage, but try the default setting first.
  2. o1die, since he has a 965 BE, shouldn't his OCing only be adjusting the CPU multiplier?
  3. o1die,thanks for reply,
    I have found the settings menu in bios but still confused,and not 100% sure what to change.
    At the moment all options are set to (auto)
    Memory clock mode=auto
    Memclock value=auto
    Dram timing mode=auto
    Memory overvoltage=auto

    If I change setting to manual I can set memclock value to 800mhz
    If I set Dram timing mode to manual I get options of DCT0,DCT1,Both-this I don't understand.
    Memory overvoltage-I can set 1.65v using + or- key.

    I haven't seen anywhere I can set the settingsto 9-9-9-24 2T

  4. Start with memory clock mode. Highlight that and set it on manual by pressing enter. Then change the memclock value to manual if the option doesn't change. Then the speed options should appear. For timings, if they are close to the recommended settings, you should try the default settings first. If your system is stable, I would leave the timing settings alone. The maximum ram voltage is 1.65, but the lower the better if the system is stable. So try the default voltage setting as well.
  5. Thanks again,
    when looking in the settings I cannot set the last number 9 of 9-9-9-24,the numbers only go to 7?
    Also cannot see where to set/change the command rate to CR 2T.
    If cpuid is showing memory as PC3-10700H (667mhz) does this mean that it is running at 1333mhz? (the max for the board with no OC?
    All these figures are totally confusing me.
    What would be the advantage of running at 1600mhz over 1333mhz?
    Sorry for so many questions.
  6. Yes. 667=1333 actual ram speed. 2T command rate is required when all ram slots are filled. 1T can sometimes be used with just two ram sticks. Not much advantage using 1333 instead of 1600. Some boards only achieve 1600 or higher when you overclock the cpu, but I'm not familiar with your board specs. I use 1066, even though my ram will run at 1333 when I overclock the cpu (I've got older slower ddr3 which I picked up cheap). If you want to continue to play with the settings, just be sure you can use the cmos jumper in case your board won't post due to a wrong setting in the bios. To reset the bios to default, you either remove the board battery with the power supply unplugged for about one minute, or move the cmos jumper over one position to keep two of the three pins covered, then move it back to the run position. And definately don't flash your board bios unless you have a serious problem. You could end up with a dead board that doesn't post. Asus bios flash programs aren't the easiest to use.
  7. o1die,
    thank you so much for your help,it really is appreciated.
    To be honest this is the very first time I have even considered OCing anything as I have never had to do it before.
    When I purchased the board and memory I noticed that it stated it would run 1600mhz oc,I didn't even know what OC meant.
    As the system is running sweet at the moment,I think it best not to tempt fate and leave things as they are until I am more confident.
    Thanks again.
  8. Good choice. Try it awhile before messing with the bios settings. It's plenty fast at the stock settings, and overclocking increases temps which can shorten the life of your system.
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