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Odd issue with mouse and win 7

Hi everyone,

i dont know where to post my issue, so i though to post here. So i recently had bought from ebay simple wirless mouse, and i came to some weird problem. Whenever i turn on MSN or Virus Ti synthesizer (wich is using USB) my mouse stops working, i have to take out wirless adapter and back it in so it would work again. And this odd problem happens when i only turn on msn and turn on my synthesizer. I have other Wirless mouse, but that doesnt happen at all and it works alright.

I have tried to search via google any familar issue, but havent found anything. I suspect it might be with power related, but than i think, hey other wirless mouse works just fine...

I hope some one have had similar problem and can help me to solve :)


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  1. Hi themachine, so this wireless mouse does not play nice?, but your other one does, do you plug the other mouse into same port?

    OK, sometimes with USB peripherals, when we plug them in and the drivers are installed, the OS by default looks to the very same USB port the device was last plugged into. If you have also plugged another USB device into same port, the conflict could be because of this, the port becomes active and the last device plugged in gets its drivers accessed first ( not sure this is correct, but experience has shown this behavior to be consistent sometime! ).

    Your assessment of it being a possible power issue is also potentially correct; if the local USB bus is being swamped by power hungry devices this can cause conflicts and cause intermittent operation or loss of USB functionality!.

    If possible, can you plug the wireless adapter for mouse into another USB port which is not above the synthesizer connection? try in another port to the side, or round the front of PC, or into a USB hub ( some also take power from USB port ).

    Which model of wireless mouse is it, by the way, would help for troubleshooting.

    Try placing wireless adapter into another port not near the synthesizer and see if problem persists.

    Not sure why MSN causes this problem, unless you use a USB microphone headset for chatting?

    Good luck and keeps us updated. :-)
  2. It doesnt matter to wich port, i have tried changing ports, but still in the end when i turn on MSN it stops working (reciever) :) about work stopped by turning synthesizer on, its odd as it happens totaly randomly, sometimes happens sometimes not.

    Do i have microphone headset? nope. Odd thing i used couple mouses before but not wirless and only with this one cheap for 6 bucks i get problems, maybe some bug with it's reciever? this is the mouse:
  3. Hi themachine, thanks for reply, just checked out mouse, don't see why should not work, and the intermittent nature of problem makes it doubly hard to resolve.

    Your suggestion that problem may be with receiver is a good one, BUT, DON'T SEE how starting MSN crashes the receiver!!!!

    I wonder if MSN has some option where its looking for a wireless headset/microphone, or trying to automatically access a web cam or something like that, only thing i can think of at moment; which may be causing the mouse receiver to loose itself on USB port?

    Only other option is to try another wireless mouse, or plug your wired one back in again! :-( Sorry got no other useful suggestion at present.

    I have a Logitech M185, with a similar receiver, you should check out. Are you on Win 7 32bit or 64bit?, may be an issue? Check in MSN to see if any options trying to automatically access a web cam or microphone/headset. MSN should not be accessing the usb bus for any reason unless you have specified a device, which you have already confirmed you have not!!!

    If still no joy, bite the bullet and try another wireless mouse, only way really to confirm if problem is mouse or your setup. Would help if your PC specs were posted with question as well, as this helps immeasurably with trouble shooting!

    Good luck and keep us updated.
  4. Thanks for the replay.

    Ok so here is the progress...

    i disabled on MSN headsets and stuff (even i dont have them) still the same.

    I used before wirless mouse wich didnt had such problems, i switched to another one because its more comfortable and higher DPI it has :)

    Im using Win 7 64bit.

    If still no joy, bite the bullet and try another wireless mouse, only way really to confirm if problem is mouse or your setup. Would help if your PC specs were posted with question as well, as this helps immeasurably with trouble shooting!

    As in the first post i mentioned, i have other wirless mouse wich works alright, aswel i had another wirless mouse few months ago, it worked aswel alright without problems :)

    For some reason i suspect it might be something in reciever, maybe something bad coding?
  5. by the way, literaly i have to take out and put back the reciever when it stops working, turning of or on the mouse itself doesnt work.
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    Thanks themachine, seems likely that you just got a dud mouse ( receiver ). Its entirely possible that another one would work without same issues!!!

    So, no adequate solution after much trouble shooting, shall have to put it down to faulty receiver! :-( Can you send back and get another one?
  7. i dont know really, but i dont think its worth to wait for over a month to get a proper one as its from china, i just dont think its worth so much hassle for 6 bucks mouse :)
  8. LOL @themachine :-)

    Theirs the rub dude, cheap and nasty :-/ hehehehe, we suffer for it!!!
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