Want to overclock my CPU

hi guys
I have an AMD 7750 dual core CPU 2.7 GHZ

I've seen on YT a video showing how to over clock it to 3.5 GHZ

but I want to ask
is there's any consequences for the operation ?
and my heat on idle is about 40 or less and how many degrees the heat will increase

and BTW I have HD 5450 but when I play I have to open the side and put a fan in front of my PC to make the heat 65 the card shape have a black dots heat sink
is there's any way to decrease the heat ?
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  1. 1. it will decrease lifespan, create extra heat
    2. depends on how much voltage/clocks are applied
    65C isn't that bad, they are safe up to around 90C (but i would keep em under 80C)
  2. aha TY dude

    1- how do you mean it will decrease lifespan
    and do U know how many degrees will be increased ? so I want to keep the heat low with no problem

    2- is these settings are safe for my CPU
  3. There are too many factors. You have to be more specific.
  4. MB manufacturer ?

    if it's what on my mind so

    manufacturer : BIOSTAR Group
    and the bios model :PHOENIX Award workstation bios v6.00PG
    is that all you need or what and are these settings are good for my CPU and MB
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjOUO93-0ZI
    are these good for my MB in the previous comment ?
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