HP XW9400 (Tyan S2915)

There was a related the HP thread under components that died in Jan 2010. The5 pin coolicang connectors for the CPU fans are set up differently. Someone said they think it has 2 grounds. I measured the voltages on the pins with the system running and no load on them and the voltages were 12v, 3.3v, 3.3v, 3.3v and ground. Does anyone have factory HP XW9400 running AMD Opterons that they can measure eacn pin and advise the corresponding color wires? This may help me figure out how to hook up my 4 pin fan without getting a bios error every time the system reboots.

Also anyone have a board layout diagram of the components. I found a small electrolytic cab on the bottom of the case and it looks like 2 may have blown. Looks like a 1000 micro farad 16v with several others in the same area on the back edge of the board by the video card slots.

Any help would be appreciated.

We can put men on the moon, send spacecraft to the out edges of the universe, put a rover on Mars, but can we figure out the wires on the HW XW9400 5 pin header to the CPU fan?
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  1. Hi:

    conect your fan as alwais, jumper pins 1 and 5 thats all, I brake one fan from heatsink and replace following the pins from the another heatsink.

    Good look
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