Moving a Windows 7 hard drive to a Linux computer

I have a computer I built that has Linux installed, and I recently acquired a hard drive with Windows 7 Home Premium installed. Is there a way to make my computer boot off the hard drive with Windows 7?
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  1. It depends.

    Did you get the license to go along with that copy of Windows? If not, then you have an illegal copy of Windows and we cannot provide help here.

    Is it an OEM version of Windows? If so, then the license will not be good in another computer.

    So, if it is a full version of Windows, and you have the license in hand, you can try booting, but it will take several reboots before it works properly in order to identify the new hardware and load drivers. Then it will need to be reactivated with Microsoft.
  2. The hard drive is from my girlfriend's computer. When she moved here that was all the shipping company would ship of her computer. Her family were the ones who had installed the OS on the computer, and we currently have no way of getting in contact with them.
  3. Then I'm afraid the answer is no, you cannot use the copy of Windows 7 on that drive.
  4. Is there any way of making something work then? She has a lot of work and programs on that hard drive including all her music, photos, and her copy of the Adobe Suite. I don't want to see several hundred dollars worth of stuff lost all because the postal companies wouldn't ship the entire computer.
  5. You can access the hard drive data from linux.
  6. Yes, you can copy the files from the drive while in Linux, but you will need to get the Adobe discs to install Adobe again.
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