Is there any program that can underclock my cpu at night

my pc is working 24 hours a day and i need a software that can underclock the prossesor from 00:00 to 08:00.
my system
cpu : E5700 3.0 Ghz (3.5 OC)
windows 7 Enterprise.
note : Intel speedstep technology is enabeld but i need to reduce the bus as well.

Thanks in advance.
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    i need help ............
  2. no software like it ... ran default according bios is safe and fine for long term , just get New good cooler for help drop temperature
  3. The speedstepping should down clock the CPU during idle, But you can always use the profiles in the bios, like set 1 profile to say 3gh and the other to 3.5ghz, You will have to restart but thats only why I would know of on an Intel dual core system.
  4. I'm not sure your mobo is supported but is this any use to you?
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