Upgrade to HD 4670 results in worse performance?

In an attempt to add some life to my system while I save for a new computer, I purchased:

HIS H467Q1GHDAP Radeon HD 4670 1GB 128-bit DDR3 AGP 4X/8X

My computer specs:
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-K8NS
CPU: AMD 64 3400+ (Single Core)
GPU: Radeon HD 4670 linked above. Replaced: MSI GeForce 6800GT
PSU: Enermax 500W

WoW is much choppier with lower framerates, but can support a farther draw distance and run smoother when flying around. League of Legends won't even load. L4D has a huge drop in framerate.

I've tried the stock drivers that came with the card + updates. Uninstalled and tried the latest drivers from HIS' site, then uninstalled. Latest drivers from ATI + CCC, uninstalled. Now I'm running the standalone ATI drivers.

Was this an unwise purchase? 8x AGP is enabled, I've tinkered around in CCC (when it was installed) for performance. I guess the 256mb memory interface on the 6800GT is dominating the 4670? I was going to get a 3850 w/ 256mb interface but was told my cpu would bottleneck it and I wouldn't notice a difference from the 4650/70's ...

I'm not sure what to do. For now I'm going back to my old card. I haven't had an ATI card for 10 years now, is there a blood pact that I forgot to sign somewhere?
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  1. Since you have been in the CCC you might want to make sure you have it set to
    Optimum performance (its easier this way, to do all at once than naviage menu's)
    right click red ati in taskbar
    scroll to 1: xxxx card
    then down to 3d settings
    the up to standard settings
    check/click optimal performance

    enjoy performance hopefully and then pledge your first born to AMD/ATI , lol
  2. Make sure that you uninstalled the nvidia drivers. Download driver sweeper and get rid of the stuff that gets left behind.
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    If you did not properly uninstall the nVidia drivers then you will have trouble no matter what you try. Also, you need to use Radeon Drivers that have the AGP hotfix applied, otherwise you will also have major problems. I would recommend a clean install to eliminate the possibility of a dirty registry or lingering driver files causing problems.
  4. I didn't use driver sweeper but I think I manually purged pretty much everything (obviously not 100% possible).

    Thank you all for your responses. I think I'm just going to try and return the card because it was an impulsive purchase anyway. I would be curious to try a reformat and see if it would make a difference, but I would prefer to return the card in as pristine of a condition as possible. If they won't take it back the first thing I'll do is reformat!
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  6. It's interesting to me how much the 6800GT outperforms the 4670, though that could be exclusive to my setup/situation. Again I guess I have to assume it's the bigger memory interface?

    I'm painfully aware of the need to upgrade =) I think I built this system sometime around spring of 2004. I'm impatiently saving money and probably going to wait for a fermi.
  7. Even though the 4670 has a 128 bit memory interface, I'd be willing to bet it has more memory bandwidth then the 6800GT. The 6800GT might have a 256bit interface, but it uses slower DDR3 memory. Modern day cards use 2GHz effective DDR3. Fun fact for the day, the 7600GT and the 6800GT have nearly the same memory bandwidth, and the 7600GT has a 128bit memory bus.
  8. ^ Yup

    Not only that but the memory controller of the 4670 has a greatly improved efficiency. That is why it is able to sit between the Radeon 3850 and 3870 in performance even though both 3800 cards have much greater memory bandwidth. Anyway I still think that it's a driver issue holding back your 4670.

    The 1950GT AGP I have in my Athlon XP 3000+ system was (still is) very finicky. Due to the nature of the AGP hotfix, and the tendency of older Catalyst drivers to leave stuff behind, I had all sorts of issues that were only solved by doing a clean install and installing the correct driver the first time. Trying to update the driver, find out it didn't work right, and then trying to go back to one that worked proved to be a big no no :D.

    Anyway, the point is that I think you're not seeing the true performance of your system there because of that crazy problem. AMD has only released a few versions of the driver with the AGP hotfix, but they prove difficult to find, and I have so many catalyst drivers backed up I lost track of which one worked right. If you keep the 4670 AGP you will get some issues, but hey it's hard to save money ^_^
  9. Zip: I'm not ignoring your comments. I think I understand what you're saying about the CPU bottleneck. My understanding is that my processor cannot keep up with the throughput of the 4670, so it just can't keep up with calculation requests? I was just thinking out loud as to why the 6800GT was outperforming the 4670 in my specific system. It appears to be a mixture of CPU like you said and Drivers. I'm trying to regain forgotten knowledge / get up to speed with the current generation of available architectures, not be berated for trying to discuss something on a discussion board.

    4745454b/megamanx00: thanks for the info and suggestions.
  10. Actually pebkac, you raise a good point with that last post. The 4670 is faster then the 6800GT. Period. In the case of a bottleneck, it simply can't perform as fast as it can. That doesn't mean its going to perform slower then other cards. If the 6800GT is the fastest card your computer can handle, then adding a 4670 SHOULD provide the same framerates. If its slower, you need to figure out why. Lack of power, bad drivers, heat, bad card, etc
  11. Zip, for what it's worth I appreciate the answers and information. I guess I'm not following because I agree with you?

    I only said what I said because I don't take sh!t from anyone, it's nothing personal!

    4745454b: I'm definitely wondering if it's drivers. I had lots of nvidia stuff still on that drive, and don't know if any of the drivers I tried had the AGP hotfix that megamanx00 made reference too.

    Unfortunately it will remain an unsolved mystery, as I was able to get a full refund! Thank you all for hashing this out with me and offering your suggestions.
  12. If you never installed the AGP hotfix, that was probably your problem. Its like running an AMD multi core CPU and not using the patch for that. You have to use the correct patch if you want things to work right. Does this mean your back to the 6800GT?
  13. Obviously there was a problem with the 4670 installation as it should not have been underperforming.

    However I also have to agree with the earlier posts and if possible make the case even more strongly. Certainly for wow, upgrading your gpu was not so relevant. The game is very seriously constrained by your cpu. Obviously with socket 754 you are a bit stuck, although second hand 939 combinations are now quite inexpensive.

    I have just upgraded to 4670, and Athlon 2 X2 245 at 3.7Ghz (currently). In dalaran the frame rate is still entirely dependent upon the cpu. How do I know? Increasing the cpu clock increases the frame rate, but underclocking the gpu does not lower the frame rate.

    I am quite pleased with this combo however, sitting at 1600x1200 in dalaran at 40fps with all effects maximised except shadow quality which is minimised.

    Well I am posting this here in case it helps someone who stumbles across the thread. Good luck all :)
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