Headset Buzz, new soundcard?

Last year I made my rig and my 2.1 speakers has been feeding from the asus p6t deluxe v2 on-board sound. Since I've had it, my 2.1 speakers have been plugged to the headphone output of my antec 902 case.

I just purchased a 377 plantronic headset and I've noticed there is a slight buzzing noise coming from the headphones, that buzz becomes more apparent when the volume is turned up higher. I checked to see if it was just a faulty headphones but even after changing 2 headphones, the buzzing persisted.
Also, the sound seems very inconsistent, sounds seem to bounce from one ear to the next, anything farther than 10 feet in-game seems significantly farther away. Quite frankly I had higher expectations for something more crisp, accurate and more directional feel.
I'm not sure if the issue is with that soundcard, the headset, or a combination of both.

Because the buzzing occurred on all of the headphone's but never on the 2.1 system could it be a sound card issue, I'm not sure if I can come to a conclusion.

Finally, how much would i have to invest to hear an improvement in sound quality from the onboard audio chipset: ADI AD2000B. (realistically <$150). Where does the trade off between the sound card (input) and speaker (output) optimize [2004 Swans M10].
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  1. I get the same buzz in my antec 300. I think it's electrical noise inside the computer and the cable going across the motherboard doesn't help. For me the noise increases when I open something like chrome or have word or a game open. I just plug my headphones in the back and adjust the volume.

    You would need to invest a lot in a new card (over $50) to hear a difference. This doesn't come from my experience though. In my experience, the difference in sound quality is nothing. integrated sound is good these days on most boards.
  2. I have my 2.1 system plugged through the headphone jack in the front since I couldn't get any sound directly from the mobo. I am assuming the reason why I don't get any 'electrical noise' is because I have an amp for my 2.1 system.
    Also, does anyone know how to get sound to work for the asus p6t v2 board? For some reason with my 3.5 jack I don't get any sound from behind the mobo ( I tried all 6). It seems its optimized for those with a 5.1 -7.1 system. Is there some software I was suppose to download?
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