Cant go higher than 3ghz with q6600, help!

hello, about 1 month I am trying 2 overclock my cpu more, but every time i try to increase my fsb, every time it gives me a BSOD.
Right now running at 3.0 Ghz without no problems, but I wanna go higher and dont know how.. i have tried everything.
my PC : core 2 quad q6600 2.40ghz (3.0ghz OCed)
ASUS P5K mobo, gtx 460 1gb, DDR2 kingston 2x2gb and 2x1 gb kvr800. Please help! ty alot :)
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  1. your memory is ddr2 so its speed is limited 800 mhz so you cant overclock it more
    you may adjust the ratio or increase the multiplier (if possible) .
  2. but it is 333x9 so 1:1 the ram is on 667 . So 400mhz is the limit and it is 3.6 ghz on cpu.
  3. and i dont know how 2 adjust ratio in bios. dont know how to fsb>dram
  4. yes I have. dont know where is the problem. on 3ghz my cpu temp is 33-40 C
  5. can u post cpu z screen shot
  6. Hi, cannot help you much, sorry, but could you please tell us what scores you get on superpi with the Q6600 overclocked? It would be interesting to see how it compares to current cpus :)
  7. To get higher stable clocks, you need to raise the voltage aswell. Voltage = stability and lots of heat.

    Raising it higher then 3Ghz will require you to go above the stock 1.25v. This near exponentially increases heat output, make sure you have adequate cooling!
  8. i have already tried to increase voltage of cpu, dram, fsb. I have tried 2 change ram timing. but everytime i increase FSB frequency more than 333x9, it gives me BSOD.
  9. Heya papersontv,
    check out my post. I was also having problems with Q6600 g0 but now I got it running at pretty much 3.8Ghz stable.
    I ran my Prime95 tests for a good 10 mins, then 15 mins, then 30 mins all without crashing or any errors/ failures.

    Heres my post, complete with my screen shots etc.


    Though you should note that just because it works for my setup and chip, doesn't necessarily mean it'll work for yours.
    You can use mine as a rough guide and then play about with the voltages.
  10. Honestly more voltage. What kind of cooler do you have ?
  11. Arctic freezer 13. But if i will solve it i will buy hydro h80
  12. Do i have 2 increase also FSB voltage and NB voltage? Or it doesnt depend on it
  13. now have increased fsb to 380 (3.4 gigs)and voltage of core to 1.475 and windows had started ! but... in prime 95 it gives me BSOD fter 5 sec :D

    Try 1.35 and shoot for 3.4 ghz then dial it back.

    Don't touch the northbridge until you have to. at 3.8Ghz I had to go up.1
  15. can u post cpu z memory screen shot
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