Problem with mobo?

Hey Tom's,

I just took apart my Rig and put it back together (had to reseat the HSF). If when I put the SATA cables back and they got criss-crossed, as in placed in different slots then they were in previously, would/could this be problematic? Same goes with the USB drives on the case.

If these could cause a problem, how would I go about fixing it, short of trial and error?
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  1. There is no logical order. You can plug in devices to any of the availabe SATA ports. The only order is boot order, which is determined in the BIOS (by default settings or your preferential settings).

    What problem are you experiencing?
  2. The problem has occured under the following conditions:
    Stock CPU + Stock GPU
    OC CPU + Stock GPU
    Stock CPU + OC GPU

    While playing the following games:
    Starcraft II
    FFXIV Beta

    In addition, on separate occasions, during these processes:

    The error that I get is a BSOD, the most recent one is BCCode: d1

    I am running memtest86+ right now and almost done with pass 2, with 2x2gb sticks and 0 errors thus far.

    Memory has been "OC'd" to recommended manufacture spec, 7-8-7-24 1600

    If you need more information to help fix this please let me know.

    I appreciate you taking the time to help me.

    EDIT: I suppose I should have posted this information to begin with, it is supposed to be in my sig but I cannot see it.

    Mobo: 890FXA-UD5
    CPU: 965 BE
    GPU: Sapphire 5970 2GB
  3. I'd wait until you've gone about 8-10 passes in MT86+. This sounds a lot like a RAM issue, but I've also experienced this same problem with a GPU, that turned out to be bad.
  4. Okay, unfortunately this isn't what I want to hear but oh well. About to finish pass 2 @ 1hr 12 min... looks like I need to run it for a few more hours. Would hate it to be a hardware problem as I just hit my 30 day RMA for all of my parts. At this point I'd have to buy new sticks or see if I can get it done through G.Skill.

    EDIT: Though something I find weird is this... The first time I put it together, it ran everything fine, including all that I listed above. After I changed my Hyper 212+ to a Noctua D14 I started to observe this problem. It sounds like something had to happen when I changed the HSF... what it could have been I have no idea. I was extremely careful, even going as far as using an anti-static strap.

    I just can't think for the life of me what could have happened and it's very frustrating considering the amount of money I spent.
  5. I don't recommend stopping MT86+ just to answer be sure you check, but you mentioned changing the HSF, are you sure you applied enough thermal paste? Is the HSF snug? While changing the HSF, did you pull the CPU out, too (sometimes the CPU is stuck to the HSF because of the thermal paste)? If this happened, you may have bent a pin.
  6. Oh I have been using my Laptop, Rig still running mt86+. As for paste, yes I am certain that it all fine. It's really snug. As for CPU pulling out, no.
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