SRT? or OS on SSD?

is it faster if i just install my OS on an ssd or am i better off with using SRT? i have a raid 0 set up between 2 7200rpm sata drives now.............i was under the impression i cant partition the ssd to install my os and use SRT at the same time. and on another note. Is the speed increase worth it??? if not il just install a few games like BF3 that take quite awhile to load.
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  1. An OS on the SSD would most of the time be quite a bit faster than raid 0 spinning drives depending on the generation of your SSD. If you have a first gen 30gb that can only produce about 150mb sustained read/write then your raided drives would be faster.
  2. im asking if installing my os on an ssd would be faster than SRT i know it will be faster then my mechanical drives...
  3. Yes it would be faster because it still doesnt have to load off the mechanical hard drive. Yes SRT is faster than just mechanical because of the cache but an SSD plain would be faster than using it as a cache.
  4. thats what i thought, thanks... i dont know why they push SRT as this great option.
  5. SRT is great if your pushing huge amounts of data such as a file-server or your game hard drive because it caches things onto the SSD for quick retrieval so it doesn't have to wait for your hard drive to find it. It has its uses but honestly i think having 6 hard drives in my computer is enough just with one SSD and 5 mechanical but pairing 5 more SSDs to get SSD caching just isnt worth it in my opinion.
  6. You can place your OS on your SSD and also use a partition on your SSD for SRT. However, I remember reading that the disk drive that SRT caches for must be on one of the Intel SATA ports and furthermore I don't know whether SRT will cache for more than one drive or a RAID array.
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