Could use some help deciding which way to go...

I've been building a PC on newegg for a while. I originally bought a q9400 with a gtx260 setup, but decided to cancel the order. I'm now waiting for the money to return to my bank account so I can re-order a better build. I'm looking to spend $1200 max.

So far I've been leaning towards an i5. I've read all over that the 1156 socket is going to be obsolete soon, apparently, so I'm not too thrilled in that aspect.

On the other hand, I've heard the AM3 for AMD is going to last longer, which sounds nice, but if I recall correctly, the i5-750 is better than the Phenom II X4.

Is this all fanboy BS that won't effect that average user? Or will this really matter to a guy who just wants to play games without having to lower the graphics settings as soon as I install a game?

So far I have this i5-750/HD5770 build, and it's within my budget and it looks decent:

Should I look into making an AMD/HD5770(maybe 5850 if I have the $$) build?
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  1. Interesting and very valid question. From a purely gaming point of view, the i5-750 and Phenom II X4 will give you very similar performance. Where the i5 really shines is when you also perform other tasks, like video editing or rendering, etc. As for the socket, I don't think 1156 will be obsolete any time soon, but then with AM3 and a BIOS upgrade you could drop in a 6-core Thuban a couple of months from now. So it's really down to personal choice and budget.

    If gaming is your main focus, then it may be worthwhile going for the 5850 over a 5770, depending on the resolution you play at.
  2. I don't have the extra $140ish to drop on the 5850 or else I would.
    I'll put together an AM3 build right now and post it.
  3. resolution is a big factor when considering gpu's. I play at 1360x768. I can run the crysis demo at ultra high settings and get 27-30 fps (Absolutely playable for me). The framerates never dipped below 27. My 5750 is slightly over clocked in ATI Overdrive. the 5830 is pretty attractve right now. If you don't already have COD, and would like toget it.
  4. I am planning to build a system at the same price tag too, I can share my findings:

    Caution: Be future proof: Try to buy a system with a mobo supporting SATA revision 3.0 and USB 3.0. These features are not included in all motherboards and are implemented with additional chips (not in the southbridge). AMD provides faster links that do not punish the graphics card pci lanes if you opt for crossfire later.

    If you buy now:
    Prefer i5-750/5770 for a gaming rig, you get best performance per dollar, putting expandability aside. Future upgrade will be difficult, the socket will change and CF configuration will suffer if you use SATA 3 or USB 3. There are expensive mobos that can compensate for this penalty but they cost extra. This system will play well for at least 2 years.
    Prefer Phenom II X4/5770 if you are interesting in the future expandability and upgrade options. Lower performance, slightly lower price, if you use AM3 mobo you can get a Thuban upgrade later. Get a second 5770 in CF later without taxing from SATA 3/USB 3 use.

    OR wait one month, see the Leo platform benchmarks Thuban/890/HD5*** spechs and the combined Leo platform deals.

    I chose to w8 one month, my current system can get me going. Plus i5 prices may drop making it an even sweeter deal :P
  5. i will add, that i do not run any AA
  6. Here's the AMD/ati build.

    I don't know which one I like more, haha :(
  7. Are you sure you want to get an AM3 motherboard that doesn't have USB3 and SATA3?
  8. I couldn't find one on newegg that wasn't much more expensive than this one.
  9. Just found this one:

    What do you guys think of it?
  10. Thats a much better AMD Mobo. The only thing I noticed on either build that I would change is the Mobo- you fixed that for the AMD build already. I would avoid ASrock though- there are some really nice MSI or Asus or Gigabyte p55 boards that aren't much more expensive. I just don't trust ASrock due to experiences many of my friends have had.
  11. Deadwing said:
    Just found this one:

    What do you guys think of it?

    I had sth like this on my mind, don't worry about firmware problems which other users are saying, 955 is supported by all firmware versions.

    I checked here and it already supports Thuban for future upgrades
  12. Just realized the RAM is 1600, mobo says it takes 1866, 1333, and 1066. Will this work?
  13. Very nice. The only thing I would want to change if I was building it myself would be going up to a 5850- but like you said, thats out of your budget. Very nice- push the button:-)
    yes- RAM will work fine. might have to manually set some clock multi's etc. in the BIOS, but thats all.
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