Issue with audigy 2 gamer edition

now i have my SB audigy 2 gamer instaled but not active and i download the updates from the website for it but don't get the EAX console and such im running window vista ultimate 64 bit and im using the integrated audio right now but want to use the ex for games and stuff .also sometimes i would hear pops and hizzes from the sound. thanks
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  1. anybody?
  2. You have to hack your drivers or flash the bios. Btw 2pac is good stuff.
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    The Audigy has some bad compatibility issues with vista and there isnt anything that can be done.
  4. so im pretty much screwed?
  5. Sounds like SCP to me. Kinda sad Creative hasn't fixed that bug yet...

    Best option is to just go with ASUS/Auzentech/HT Omega next time. YOu could give one of the many hacked Creative drivers a try though, although I wouldn't hold my breath...
  6. where can i get the hacked drivers and it wont hurt my pc right?
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