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  1. ^ It would be easier for others if you could also post the parts name here...not all would have the patience to click through all the links to know what you have come up with...
    Now for the config, it looks you would need a HDD, GPU and still be under $650 ?
  2. You still need GPU, OS, HDD.
  3. yeah should have been more specific, already have a GC and HDD and also purchasing Win 7 home premium 64 bit, only thing I heard is that the phenom II chips have a problem recognizing more than 4gb of ram at 1600 mhz, anyone know if that issue has been corrected?
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    ^ They dont have any issues recognizing 1600MHz...The only thing is that you would have to set it yourself in the BIOS and might have to overclock the CPU to run the memory at that speed...
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