Blue screen burned out pc?

Hi guys!
I haven't registered till now, i didn't see it necessary since everytime i've had an issue it would've been registered here already or on another site. Although now my problem is a bit complicated and i need urgent assistant! Hope you'll help if you can. :)

I recently had some Blue screen break downs, i checked my pc and discovered alot of dust inside. I got my vacuum cleaner going and cleaned it out, however it still gave me a blue screen when trying to play a game (Red faction). Now there's pixel tearing all over the monitor, it appears just as soon as the pc boots.
I've replaced the monitor, the graphichs card and even completely installed windows anew, but no luck.
It's still there.

If i look into the display settings>advanced it tells me that; Chip type: <unavaible> DAC type: <unavaible> etc. It says that in all the different areas. Even the Total avaible graphichs Memory tells me <unavaible> and / or "n/a".

It's the same if i check dxdiag, it will tell me theres n/a in everything.

On desktop and in browsers etc it all looks fine except for the pixel tearing all over it.
The resolution also keeps changing back to 800x600 which is its lowest, after reboot.

I'm not sure if it's some small component in my motherboard that burned out, or what it is.
Anyways i hope someone can help me out, i'd really appreciate it! :)
(I wanna play Red faction!!! :P)

Specs: 8800GTX, 3x1gb Corsair twinx gold ram, 2,66 dualcore E6700 running Vista 64bit.

Cheers! And thanks in advance! :)
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  1. You could try looking up the fault code on the BSD. You need to stop windows restsrting the PC when it throws up the BSD (obviously) so you can write it down.
    To do this you need to right click on My Computer. Go to properties and select advanced. There will be a section for start up and recovery. Under Settings is a tick box for restart automatically. Un tick this then click ok and come out of the menu's.
    The next time you get a BSD it will stay there and you can write the error code down and look it up.

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