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I have two laptops running windows 7 and hardwired via CAT5e ethernet cable. I am transfering data between them
Why am I getting only 20 Mbps transfer rate while I should be getting closer to 1000Mbps????? Wgere is the bottleneck??

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  1. Go to network connections and the NIC, Configure, Advanced and check the speed settings -- usually on Auto, try 100.

    Do this on both machines.

    Perhaps turn off anti-virus ?
  2. If you want gig connections you need to set it at Auto. You can hard set it to 100 full as a test if you want.

    Also check in your router and see what they are connecting at.
  3. it is already on auto on both. Could it be one of the the Hard drive s?? I suspect my Dell laptop HD I/O speed
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