Looking to build a quiet & powerful system (dual i7 chips)

I used to build computers a lot but now I'm so busy with work, I haven't updated myself with the latest technologies.. if anyone can help me with specific products on what to get -- that would be awesome! Thanks!

What I'm looking to build is a cost effective dual i7, 12gb, 2 SSD drives (raid 0), graphics card can be a cheapie..

Can you recommend me what which
1. Mobo to get
2. RAM - need 12GB (Any special RAMs out there that's fast?)
3. Which SSD to get? 2 160GB drives, or maybe 3 (I hear OCZ Vertex SSD RAID-0 Performance is the best?)
4. CPU speed? (I'm thinking dual i7-920?)
5. Which cooling system is recommended? Water cooling or maybe the quiet fan Noctua NH-U12DX 1366 will suffice?

What I'm looking use this for is a sound production system (certain sound applications take A LOT of CPU!).

Thanks in advance ! :)
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  1. ^ If you need 2 physical CPUs, then go with Server boards and Xeon CPUs...
    And with the above requirements, I dont think it can be done cheap...
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